Decades of Dollars Winner Collects $4,000,000


Gloria Carter of Afton, Virginia, was home watching television. Her husband Bud had gone to bed. Suddenly she shouted upstairs, Honey, come down. I’ve got to show you something!

That something was a Decades of Dollars ticket from the Virginia Lottery.

Carter had matched all six numbers in the May 10 drawing to win the top prize of either $250,000 per year for 30 years or a one-time cash option of $4 million before taxes.

However, it took not just her husband, but phone calls to both of her sisters to confirm the numbers before she believed she really had the winning ticket.

It’s a great feeling!

The winning numbers were 5-11-17-25-28-41. She used Easy Pick, allowing the computer to randomly select the numbers on her ticket.

Carter chose the cash option of $4 million.

The nice lady who sold it to me said, “I sure hope you win something because you come here all the time!’ Carter recalled.

She is Virginia’s second grand-prize winner in Decades of Dollars since the game’s first drawing in February 2011.

Decades of Dollars drawings are held Monday and Thursday nights at 11:00. The game is currently played in Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky and Arkansas.

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