Mission Impossible? Not for Army Sergeant, Who Wins $10,000

 Mission Accomplished!

Warren Steele, Sergeant First Class for the U.S. Army, was sent on an important mission”by his wife”to pick up milk for the family household.

He came home with a lot more than that.

Steele deployed to a convenience store  in Winsted, Connecticut, and secured the milk.  As an added bonus, the Torrington resident also made the tactical decision to purchase a CT Lottery Emerald Green 8’s & Ruby Red 7’s instant ticket.

When Steele scratched the ticket, he discovered it was a $10,000 top prize winner.

At first I thought it was a $10then $100until the clerk finally checked the ticket and confirmed it for me.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had just won $10,000.”
Steele arrived at CT Lottery headquarters to accept a prize check for $6,833 (value after taxes).  We’re definitely going to pay off some bills, give some to each of the kids for their savings, and use the rest for a few home improvement projects, said Steele.
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