Quite a Homecoming: Texas Couple Visits Kansas, Win $10,000


Maybe they should visit their relatives more often.

Texas residents, Jayme and Bud Williams, made a trip to Topeka, Kansas, last Friday to visit Jayme’s family.

While making a pit stop at a retailer, Jayme purchased five different $2 Kansas Lottery instant scratch tickets. As they continued their journey to Topeka, Jayme scratched the tickets she purchased.

Much to their surprise, Jayme revealed a $10,000 top prize playing the $2 Grease instant scratch game!

“When we stopped, Bud gave me $10 to purchase lottery tickets,” said Jayme.  “I told him it would be a waste of money since we never win, but he insisted I buy a few.”

Jayme is glad her husband insisted she purchase the tickets.

“I scratched the Grease ticket last,” said Jayme.  “When I realized we had won $10,000, all I could say was, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!'”

After explaining she thought they had just won a $10,000 top prize, Jayme showed the winning ticket to Bud, who pulled over to take a look at the ticket.

“Once he looked at the ticket and confirmed I had read the ticket right, we hugged and kissed,” said Jayme.  “We decided to take a picture of the ticket so we could send it to my parents.  They were very surprised we had won and were very happy for us.”

The couple, who has been married 10 years and has two children, plan to use their winnings for home improvements.

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