Lottery Playing Tips (the Series Continues): Playing Cold Numbers


More today for those who have been emailing me, asking for some play tips.


But I always tell people that these tips give you a slight edge in play but by no means do they guarantee a win.

Only being lucky helps you win. OK?

I have a friend who believes that eventually, given the law of averages, numbers that haven’t come up lately, will.

That’s the essence of cold number playing.

It’s probably¬† bad strategy. I have a friend who waited for the number 45 to show up in a New York game and it took more than 100 draws before it showed up.

However, my guess is that if you can find a number that hasn’t been drawn in more than 70,80 draws, it will likely be drawn soon. Law of averages.

Me? As a craps player, I like the hot numbers. More on that next time.


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