Not All Lottery Winner Stories End Up as Happy Endings…


This site, for those who don’t know by now, is a positive thinking, persistence pays off kind of lottery site. No fake how to win, buy my system, here.

Although if there was a winning system, I’d use it and then tell you all about it.

Occasionally, though, I hear about some wack job lottery winner who does stupid things. Like armed robbery.

This, from the Boston Herald website and the Boston Globe and other sources like LotteryPost.

Seems like a million dollar winner in 2007 allegedly robbed a couple in Massachusetts.

Rashad Blount, 26, formerly of Middleboro and now of Dorchester, Mass., won the $1 million grand prize in the Lottery’s $800 Million Spectacular instant game on Feb. 12, 2007.

That was the good news. But he did not receive it in all one lump sum. Like many scratch game million dollar prizes, it is paid out over 20 years. So this dude was getting $50,000 a year for 20 years (minus taxes). Obviously not enough to retire on.

Blount and Richard Booker, 26, of 41 Courtland St., Apt. 2, Middleboro, were arrested this week on charges stemming from the Sept. 29 armed home invasion of a Milford couple who had just returned from their honeymoon.

On the night of the home invasion, a suspect identified later as Blount came to the victim’s door claiming he was delivering a pizza, police said.

Then, a second suspect, identified as Booker, entered the victim’s home, saying he was a police officer. At some point, a third suspect, not yet identified, came on the scene, police said.

Police say Blount brandished a silver-and-black semi-automatic handgun, and the trio robbed the newlyweds of $7,000 in cash and checks that were wedding gifts.

The woman identified Booker and Blount.

“The lottery is obligated to pay out the total prize amount for the duration of its payment schedule unless the winner has a lien placed on the winnings or there is a court-ordered injunction directing the payments to go elsewhere,” said spokesperson Beth Bresnahan.

It wasn’t the first time a person linked to criminal acts won the lottery. In my book I document some other cases.


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