One….is the luckiest number for Idaho Powerball player


 Danny Goodnight from Twin Falls, Idaho, had a dream that he had a winning Powerball ticket and the first number on it was the number 1.

So when recently, Goodnight found himself in the liquor store on Kimberly Road in Twin Falls , the long-haul, feeder truck driver for UPS asked for a quick pick with the PowerPlay option and the ticket he received had the number 1 on it.

 You don’t see the number 1 come up too often and I thought it was interesting, explained Goodnight about his ticket. I was surprised when I got my ticket and it had the number 1 on it. I thought it was a sign of good luck.

 It turns out he was right.Goodnight’s single ticket matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball.With the PowerPlay option, his winning prize was $40,000.

 This could not have come at a better time for us, explained his wife, Kay who was with Danny when he claimed his prize. We are raising two grandchildren and care for elderly parents. This is really going to help out.

 The couple plan to pay off some debt with their winnings and invest the balance.


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