He Plays it Again, Wins a Million Bucks


A roll of the dice changed the life of one lucky Michigan Lottery player.


Ronald Borus was the grand prize winner in the Michigan Lottery’s Play It Again $1 Million Finalist Drawing, which aired in September across the state. Borus bested the other two finalists, Sandy Dennis of Lake Orion and Jim Alsvesteffer of Rockford, in a dice game.


The drawing was hosted by long-time Lottery partner Christopher Knight, best known as Peter on the TV show The Brady Bunch.

Borus, who hails from the town of Reading in Hillsdale County, admitted that he never thought he’d be a big Lottery winner. With his largest previous prize at 20-$25,000, Borus said winning $1 million was unbelievable.

It’s something you dream about but it just doesn’t happen in reality.

The longtime player said plans for his money include a home in Florida and a Buick Enclave, a vehicle his wife has had her eye on. And he is confident that with his wife’s help, there will be no lack of goals for the new-found wealth.

What I don’t think of, she will believe me, there is no doubt about that! he laughed.

Despite hitting it big, Borus said he has no plans to stop playing the Lottery. And, he just might win again.

I played it before I came here! he said confidently.

Although neither Dennis and Alsvesteffer won the top prize in the drawing, they didn’t go home empty handed. Each netted $5,000 for their appearance on the show.

All three were eligible for the drawing after entering the Play It Again second chance opportunity on the Lottery’s Web site

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