Do you have a lottery or gambling problem?


As someone who has been intimately involved in the lottery business for more than 15 years, working in fact for several lotteries, I’ve run across many individuals for whom playing these games, which I truly love, is more than for the sheer enjoyment of it. For those folks, playing the lottery becomes a gambling addiction, an obsession. And they need help.

To their credit, lotteries have wised up. Many offer help for those with gambling problems, but quite often that isn’t enough, which is where organizations like can be life saving. I clicked on that site, and found Williamsville Wellness, an all purpose lifeline for those with problems. I’m no saint when it comes to gambling, but after going through the site, I found it highly professional and most helpful. Refer a friend to a gambling addiction center such as Williamsville Wellness could help them immensely.

The facility offers several useful therapies in an idyllic setting. Most importantly, the focus is on the individual’s problem. I recommend this highly to not only those who recognize that they themselves have a problem, but also if you know of someone who does. Check it out for yourself. And then make your own decision.  When you recover from a gambling problem you will really feel as if you’ve won the lottery!



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