$228 Million Powerball Winner Scraped Together Nickels and Dimes to Play


A California nail technician who has played the lottery over the years by scraping together nickels and dimes from tips at the salon is now a multi-millionaire several times over.

His name is Vinh Nguyen, and he bought his Powerball winning $228.4 million ticket in San Mateo, California.

His first thought was, “I read the numbers, I didn’t think I had won.”

Nguyen declined media interviews. His age, city of residence and where he works have not been disclosed. However, people who work in the same mall said Nguyen works at Nail Resort, directly acros from the market.

In a private interview with lottery officials, Nguyen said he has been playing the lottery for the last half decade, deciding how much he spends every week depending on how well he does in tips at work.

Nguyen spent $30 buying 15 Powerball tickets for the big drawing. He decided on the “annuity payment option,” which will give him the full $228,467,735 jackpot paid out over 30 years. A lottery spokesman saidthat amount turns out to be about $138,000,000 spread out over three decades after taxes.

Ngueyn said there was no great secret or science to the methodology he used for picking his numbers.

“They were all random,” Nguyen said. ” Whatever numbers come into my head I pick.”

The win also benefits the market that sold Nguyen the lucky ticket. Owners Jack and Nancy Dehoff will get $1 million.

Nguyen told California lottery officials that he didn’t want the money to go to his head.


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