What Is Bonus Hunting?


The first online casinos were established 15 years ago. It was a revolutionary break-through in the gambling world. At first, the players didn’t dare to start playing at online casinos, because they didn’t understand how they worked, whether their money will be safe and how to register at the website. Nowadays, fifteen years later, the situation has changed: lots of players prefer online casinos to brick-and-mortar ones. The main reason is that it’s very convenient to play at the online casino.

If you want to gamble while stuck in a traffic jam, all you need to do is to open your notebook, connected to the Internet, start a software program “ and start enjoying your favorite games. The most famous manufacturers started making gaming software supported by mobile phones.

Now playing has become even more convenient and easy. You can play your favorite games right on your mobile phone. All you have to do is to download casino application to your mobile phone, connect to the Internet and enjoy your game. Popularity of online casinos generated a movement called bonus-hunting. It is considered to have appeared in Denmark. So what people are called casino bonus hunters?

Bonus hunters are people who make their living by receiving bonuses. The system works as follows: the player opens as many accounts as possible, receives welcome bonuses, wins them back quickly, withdraws money and disappears from the website. A seasoned bonus hunter can perform dozens of such operations. Most bonus hunters make a pretty nice living on bonuses. Online casinos started to fight bonus hunters quite a while ago.

Nowadays, almost every online casino has established extra security measures. For example, you are required to provide your authentical data, including your address and mobile phone. Sometimes, casino’s administration asks the player to send a Xeroxed passport copy to make sure that you are a common player and not a bonus hunter.

Some online casinos use special programs that allow you register from one IP-address only. However, many players leant to overcome this obstacle: they encrypt their IP-address and easily create several accounts from one and the same PC.


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