Lottery tips for novices


Winning at any lottery is a tough thing, really.  Whether you are in the US or in Europe, the chances of winning in the lottery are very small.  However, when you do win, you want to win big.  These tips aim to help you do just that “ win more when your numbers do come up.  These can’t help you increase your chances of winning the lottery.  Really, only buying more tickets can help you do that.

So how do you increase your winnings when you actually do win?  The bottom line is changing how you pick your numbers.  That is, avoid choosing numbers the way other people do.  One common thing people do is to pick numbers that just recently won.  They believe that this is lucky.  As such, if you do win, you will probably split the winnings with so many other people.

Another thing to avoid is to pick numbers based on an arithmetic sequence.  This is way too easy.  Too many people do this.  Have you ever used a tip service?  Well if you have, so have countless other people.  Imagine how many others you would have to split your prize if your number came up?  Now I don’t have to tell you about birthdays “ I think we talked about that in another post.  Among the techniques people use when choosing numbers, this is perhaps the most used.  So stay away from that!

So what is the best way to pick numbers for the lottery? Do it at random!  Get a random number generator online.  You can even write down numbers on slips of paper and put them in a bag then do your own draw.  Just make it random.


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