Using Strategy….is it possible?


Some people in the past have asked me to discuss strategies for beating the lottery. Well as a poker player then I am only interested in one thing and this is if my expectation is positive or not. When I play at sites like 888poker then I know that as long as I play in certain games that I will always be +EV even if certain players are better than me. I achieve this by selecting and using strategies that are not in common usage.

This type of strategy and thinking is what strategists call contrarian thinking. I believe that this can be applied to gambling games like the lottery for example although in no way can you ever become +EV in this form of gambling .

The overwhelming number of people choose numbers lower than 31 simply because they choose birthdays. This means that should you be lucky enough to get five numbers or six numbers or five and the bonus ball that your average pay out will be less.

It would be terrible to get six numbers for what could be a life changing sum of money to find out that you are having to share it will around a hundred other people.

So you are far better off simply finding strategies and tactics that are not in common usage and this applies to any form of gambling and even to business. The lessons are clear because if you do what the masses do then you are likely to suffer like the masses do. The key is to be a contrarian thinker.


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