Trust in Gambling is Hard to Come by


Scams abound all around us.  They range from the simple to the complex yet they are all the same “ they aim to fool someone and get money off of them.  In the world of lotto there are many scams that may just part you with your hard earned savings.  So if you are a lotto enthusiast, I suggest that you be careful in your dealings as you just might be scammed.  Here are some of the most common scams today.

This is very very common today, with people from all corners of the earth receiving e-mails almost on a daily basis.  The subject will usually be something about you winning a large amount of money in an African lottery.  It will then be from someone with an official sounding title.  So far so good, eh?  Well, here comes the scam.  In order for you to receive your winnings, you have to send them details about your bank account “ essentially allowing the to draft all the money out of it.  Either that or they will ask you to wire money as the courier fee.  This can range from hundreds of pounds to a thousand or so.

Now before you get scammed, stop and think.  How could you have won in the Nigerian lottery in the first place?  Have you ever joined their lottery?  The simple truth is you cannot win if you didn’t join.  Period.  Now check their e-mail account.  It is probably yahoo or hotmail isn’t it?  Now why would a lottery use a free e-mail account?  Because it is virtually untraceable.

So whether it is the lottery, casino games or online poker……the facts remain that there will always be people out there that will stop at nothing in order to get your money. So always be on the lookout for scams and cheats and always look to watch your own back. I fly by the motto that if I am interested in something then I will seek out whatever information I need.

Anybody that contacts me and spams me has an almost zero chance of getting my attention and an absolute zero chance of getting my money.


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