Suprise Gift of Scratch Ticket Wins $600,000 For California Woman


Most people buy their own winning scratch tickets.

Imagine the surprise when Ana Avelar received a gift of a Set for Life Scratchers ticket tucked inside a thank you card from a local real estate agent. She’d just had her house appraised and the realtor gifted the $1 ticket as a token of appreciation for her business.

When she finally got around to scratching it the following day, she discovered she’d amazingly won $2,000 a month for 25 years! In other words, she was $600,000 richer “ just like that!

So what was her reaction when she discovered she’d won the top prize? I got it on videotape! the 40-year-old confessed. Videotape!?

That’s right! There’s cell phone video of the big moment when she found out she’d officially won. So why the decision to videotape? I didn’t think [the ticket] was a winner, Avelar confessed. After talking to my son and my boyfriend, they kind of convinced me it might be fake! I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

I had the video on when I was trying to scan it. When it said “file a claim form’ and the amount came up ($600,000), I was just like trying to be quiet about it “ not get crazy. But I was like, “Oh my God, oh my God’ she explained with a big laugh.

It’s not often you see video of the actual moment when a California Lottery player realizes they’ve just won a huge amount of money!

Avelar, who is a national account supervisor for a plush (stuffed animal) company, also shared the irony of her win: I buy Scratchers all the time. I give them away as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. This is what I kind of [hope for] when I give them away as gifts. I never expected for me to win this way!

Talk about karma! The woman who usually gives away Scratchers as gifts ends up winning big after receiving one as a gift!

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