A Gem of a Prize: California Player Hits $1 Million Prize


Matthew Parks is a hard worker, a good son and a good father – and he’s also one of California’s newest millionaires after winning the top prize of $1 million on one of the California Lottery’s newest Scratchers® tickets, Lucky Gems.

Parks has two jobs and recently after leaving one of them, he stopped and bought two Lucky Gems Scratchers tickets. While eating dinner at home, he scratched the ticket, realized he won and yelled to his mom, “I have a surprise for you!” She replied, “You emptied the garbage?” “No,” he said, “a better surprise,” and then he showed her the ticket.

Just to be sure he went to a local mini mart and scanned his ticket and, sure enough, it was a $1 million winner.

Parks has won the Lottery a few times before but only about $500 at most. Interestingly enough, a few days before he won this prize, he had a premonition that he was going to win something big. With his newfound wealth, he plans to take his mom on a cruise and take his son wherever he wants to go. He also wants to take his friends on a trip to Laughlin, Nevada and buy some new DJ equipment.


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