Is On-line Sports Betting Safe?


Before the advent of the internet most bets were made in person. While it was nowhere as convenient as it is today there were advantages. You could, for example, ascertain that the bookie had an actual shop and wasn’t, in fact, a 300 lbs Russian man, in a bedsit, trying to con you.

The punter on the street does have some advantages over one in cyberspace. The real world bettor has the security of knowing a bookie on the High Street is very unlikely to run off with their money or stiff them if they win. Additionally, the real world gambler has a physical location to complain at if they feel hard done to. Fair enough, it probably won’t make a difference regarding the result, but at least it’s cathartic.

Now, this might make it sound like you’re playing roulette. Hoping a lucky spin will land you on a reputable gambling site but, truth is, with a little preparation, it’s actually very easy to bet safely online.

The simplest way is to find a reputable bookies like William Hill or Ladbrokes and find their online site. Trust me, any large gambling business you know in the real world has an online presence these day.

If you’re a complete novice and don’t know any actual bookies simply type in ‘sports betting’ into Google and check out all the companies on the front page. Sports betting is a $3 trillion a year business, if a firm has made it to the top of Google you’re in safe hands.

However, what’s easy isn’t always the best option. The ultimate way to be successful, when making bets, is to get the best possible odds. Now, the big boys of the gambling world usually offer decent stakes but rarely the best. They know they get enough repeat business that its’s pointless for them to trim their profit margins too much.

Starting out bookies or ones trying to build up a client base though don’t have that luxury and it isn’t uncommon to spot names you don’t recognise offering significantly better odds then their more well-known counterparts.

Which raises the question, how do you know if you’re taking advantage of the bookie or if they are taking advantage of you?

Truth is it’s not that difficult. A lot of these scam sites are ran by criminal gangs who often cut corners. There are usually typos, examples of poor English on the page. Features won’t work, most commonly ‘Support’ options. Many fraudulent sites will offer ‘on-line support’ but when it’s clicked on nobody is available.

Basically, when you visit an on-line site for the first time it’s best to treat it like going to buy a house. Check the foundations, look in all the rooms and if you have any doubts/questions be sure to ask before you even think of making any payments.

Do this and you’ll have little trouble navigating the online betting world


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